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Our history

The Meria team

A team of enthusiasts to write our history



Photo Owen Simonin
Owen Simonin CEO linkedin
Photo Thibaut Boutrou
Thibaut Boutrou COO linkedin
Photo Laurent Graziani
Laurent Graziani CFO linkedin
Photo Arnaud Gugumus
Arnaud Gugumus CIO linkedin
Photo Rija Rameloarison
Rija Rameloarison CCO linkedin
Photo Thomas Lemaire
Thomas Lemaire Software Architect linkedin
Photo Vianney Bidault
Vianney Bidault CTO linkedin
Photo Julien Moreno
Julien Moreno CMO linkedin

Meria team

Photo Thomas Humbert
Thomas Humbert Financial Officer linkedin
Photo Clothilde Benoit
Clothilde Benoit UX / UI Designer & Project Manager linkedin
Photo Can Kilic
Can Kilic IT Officer linkedin
Photo Rémi Bommelaere
Rémi Bommelaere IT Officer
Photo Alexandre Aimonino
Alexandre Aimonino IT Officer linkedin
Photo Pierre-Alain Simon
Pierre-Alain Simon Developer linkedin
Photo Corentin Martin
Corentin Martin Developer linkedin
Photo Paul Brunner
Paul Brunner Developer linkedin
Photo Steven Morvan
Steven Morvan Developer linkedin
Photo Antoine Petitjean
Antoine Petitjean Developer linkedin
Photo Etienne Schneider
Etienne Schneider Developer linkedin
Photo Clément Santerre
Clément Santerre Compliance Officer linkedin
Photo Alain Rémy
Alain Rémy Compliance Officer linkedin
Photo Suzan Uluca
Suzan Uluca Compliance Officer linkedin
Photo Robin Tramier
Robin Tramier Commercial linkedin
Photo Edouard Belliard
Edouard Belliard Senior Commercial linkedin
Photo Achille Colin
Achille Colin Commercial linkedin
Photo Artem Sinyakin
Artem Sinyakin Business Developer linkedin
Photo Clément Aguillé
Clément Aguillé Junior DeFi Assistant linkedin
Photo Madeline Wursthorn
Madeline Wursthorn Executive Assistant linkedin
Photo Thanh Ranty
Thanh Ranty Executive Assistant linkedin
Photo Paul M.
Paul M. Support Officer
Photo Romain B
Romain B Node Operator
Photo Maxime G.
Maxime G. IT Officer


Photo William Simonin
William Simonin Associate linkedin
Photo Danilo S. Carlucci
Danilo S. Carlucci Advisor linkedin
Photo Julien Henrot-Dias
Julien Henrot-Dias Associate linkedin
Photo Eric Arnould
Eric Arnould Technical advisor linkedin
Photo Florian Guichon
Florian Guichon Associate, Advisor linkedin
Photo Nathan Benchimol
Nathan Benchimol Associate, Advisor


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