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What is

Staking is a mechanism for securing a blockchain network, derived from the "Proof-of-Stake" consensus. Users receive a fee in cryptoassets in return for the funds they agree to lock in order to secure the network.

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Meria for your staking, it is the alliance of technical know-how, simplicity of use and a choice of more than 30 cryptoactives in staking. A wide selection to meet all investor profiles. Deposit or buy your cryptoactives and start generating interest.


What is the Proof-of-Stake?

The Proof-of-Stake is a security mechanism of a blockchain network. It is the validators, entities that place their cryptoassets in escrow and operate the technical infrastructure necessary for validation, that perform this role. Meria operates many validators on different blockchain ecosystems.

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Why choose Meria for your Staking?

In addition to playing a crucial role for the network it secures, the validator receives compensation in cryptoassets, which gives it an incentive to maintain a stable, high-performing infrastructure.

Using Meria's staking solution, you can enjoy these returns without worrying about technical operations.

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What are the risks associated with staking solutions?

The main risks to which this solution is exposed are the following (non-exhaustive list):
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Volatility risk of subscribed cryptoassets

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Crypto asset liquidity risk

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Risk related to the use of one of the blockchains

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Risk of total or partial loss of capital

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Economic and financial environment risk

For more information you can consult our FAQ as well as our CG/CS.
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Frequently asked questions about Staking

  • How long does it take to activate my staking? Icon arrow

    The staking contract is activated within 24 hours of the order or deposit.

  • How do I get my staking earnings back? Icon arrow

    Staking earnings are credited at regular intervals in cryptoassets directly to your Meria client area. Conditions may vary depending on the project. All these features are displayed on the product page.

    Once your earnings are on your balance, you are free to withdraw them whenever you want. You also have the option to exchange your earnings for other cryptoassets or reinvest your interest within your staking contract.

  • What is RPA and how is it calculated? Icon arrow

    APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the annual interest rate.

    APR applies to the amount of cryptoassets in the staking contract, not the € amount invested.
    Example: You buy 100 MATIC on 01/01/2022.

    Since the APR of MATIC is 5%. Assuming it remains fixed throughout the year, on 01/01/2023, your investment will have generated 5 MATIC of interest.

    How do I withdraw my cryptoassets from my staking contract?

    To withdraw cryptoassets from your staking contract, follow the steps below:

    • Go to your account, tab "My services"
    • Select the category "Staking"
    • Click on the button "WITHDRAW FROM STAKING" of the contract from which you want to withdraw cryptoassets
    • Enter the desired amount and click on validate.

    Please note, a withdrawal period specific to each product may apply, refer to the product page for more information.

  • What fees are applied to staking? Icon arrow

    A purchase fee is applied at the time of the order given to our staking solution. This fee varies for each project and is informed in our fee policy and during the order summary.

    We do not apply fees on staking cryptoasset deposits.

    A percentage fee is also applied on the interest generated by your staking contract. The amount of this fee is available in our fee policy and on each staking solution. Interest charges are deducted upstream of the credit to your account. All interest paid to you is therefore net of fees.


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