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Integration of Cryptos into Wealth Management

From theory to practice, a free guide for CIFs and CGPs.

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We have written a white paper for Financial Investment Advisors (CIF) and Wealth Management Advisors (CGP), aimed at guiding them in their approach to crypto assets. This document serves as an operational manual, providing financial advisors with a practical tool for implementation, to serve their clients.

42.5 billion €

Amount invested by the French in cryptocurrencies in 2024

an increase of 60% compared to 2023

French people who own cryptocurrencies

a 28% increase over 2023
Sources: ADAN/KPMG Web 3 and crypto in France and Europe studies: continued adoption and sector growth (2024 edition)
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A manual to guide your first steps in this universe

Understanding the current context

Crypto assets are increasingly popular, but are they really a credible asset class to consider in wealth diversification?

How to start

Discover the different ways to invest in crypto assets, how to approach them, and the existing partners who can assist you in this direction.

Responding to client demand

Stand out by effectively answering the questions of clients who are increasingly intrigued by the topic of crypto assets.

Understanding the regulatory environment

An overview of the regulatory framework, from the position of regulators to the fiscal framework, including accounting for your professional clients.

Testimonials from participants

Valeria Faure Muntian picture « Cryptos are an asset class. From there, all CGPs must have a minimum culture to be able to answer their client. » Valeria Faure Muntian General Delegate ANACOFI
Sandrine Genet picture « This is not a fashion topic. Crypto assets are a new asset class that will be established in the landscape. Therefore, the profession needs to be trained. » Sandrine Genet President of the Innovation/Fintech Commission of the CNCGP
Laurent Ovion picture « We can draw a parallel with structured products. Ten years ago, nobody wanted to hear about it and considered it too dangerous. Today, all CGPs include it in their clients' portfolios. I wouldn't be surprised if we took the same direction with cryptos. » Laurent Ovion Innovation & Crypto Direction at DLPK
Thibaut Boutrou picture « The risk is shifting. Not considering cryptos in a comprehensive wealth strategy will become increasingly nonsensical. » Thibaut Boutrou COO and Co-Founder of Meria
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Meria at the service of CIFs and CGPs

For several years, Meria has been supporting Financial Investment Advisors (CIF) and Wealth Management Advisors (CGP) to meet the growing needs of their clients in terms of crypto assets. We have designed a managed service offer, structured around three risk profiles, which has been particularly well received within the profession.

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  • I am an FIA, am I allowed to recommend cryptoassets to my client? Icon arrow

    It is quite possible for a FIA to recommend cryptoactives to his client.

    However, before any recommendation, the FIA has a triple duty towards his client, defined by the AMF. In the context of investing in cryptoactives, the FIA must ensure that the investment corresponds to the objectives of his client, but also that it is appropriate according to several criteria. The FIA will also be required to inform his client of any remuneration he will receive from the third-party organization.

    As part of the good practices established by the regulator, just as in traditional finance, the advisor will fulfill his "due diligence" obligations, to direct his client to an investment professional in line with his needs and objectives.

  • How is the customer experience and follow-up structured at Meria? Icon arrow

    The FIA professional must first register on the platform and fill in his KYB (Know Your Business) before any contact with his client(s). Once this step is validated, the client(s) brought by the advisor will have to register themselves by filling in their KYC (Know Your Customer) before any investment or fund transfer operations. Once these two steps have been completed, the client(s) brought in will be attached to the advisor's profile.

  • How is the follow-up of my client's investments organized? Icon arrow

    The follow-up is organized in a tripartite way between the client, the contributor and Meria. Nevertheless, the follow-up and the management differ according to the management mode chosen by the client.

  • Can Meria participate in the education of my clients through educational sessions? Icon arrow

    Depending on your needs, Meria can provide your clients with educational resources to give them the keys to serenely understand investing in cryptoassets. For this, several formats are possible (Webinar, physical intervention ...). We invite you to contact our teams to define the appropriate solution.