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Our solutions

Earn interest on your cryptos

Find out more about our solutions that allow you to acquire and generate interest on your cryptoassets.
How does it work?Find out how investing at Meria works, in Euros (€) or in Tokens
Icon euros Investing in Euros
Step 1 Select the cryptoassets you wish to invest in
Step 2 Click on "invest" and select the desired quantity
Step 3 Go to your cart to finalize your order
Step 4 Follow your investment from your dashboard!
Icon coins Depositing tokens
Step 1 Select the cryptoassets you wish to invest in
Step 2 Click on "deposit" and select the desired quantity
Step 3 Proceed to the deposit on the address that is assigned to you
Step 4 Follow your investment from your dashboard!

Our solutions

Discover all the cryptoassets offered
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21 623,91 € 0,96%
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Bitcoin BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized network with no central control unit for exchanging value.

• Funds available instantly in your portfolio after validation• Conversion fee of 1.5%

Tokens amount:
* APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is given as an indication and reflects the current state of the network, meria can not guarantee its maintenance or its evolution. Investing in crypto assets involves risks of partial or total loss of capital. For more details you can consult our FAQ as well as our T&Cs.

Why deposit your cryptoassets with Meria

Meria (ex Just-Mining) is more than 5 years of experience in the field of blockchain, one of the first regulated actors in France. We are therefore without any doubt, your trusted partner for your investments

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Meria, a leading company Why choose Meria?
Delegated assets + 200M €
Number of users + 80 000
Active since 2017
Since 2021 VASP
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Questions about your investment?

  • What payment methods are accepted? Icon arrow

    We currently accept the following payment methods:

    • Credit card
    • Bank transfer (from 500€)
    • Payment in cryptoactives (via Utrust)

    You can select your payment method during the validation of your order.

  • How do I reinvest the cryptoassets I hold in my portfolio? Icon arrow

    You can top up your various contracts or open new ones using the cryptoassets you hold in your wallet on Meria. To do so, go to your wallet and click on "reinvest" from the cryptoasset of your choice. You will be shown a list of available reinvestment options.

  • How do I make an exchange? Icon arrow

    You have the ability to trade between various cryptoassets directly on our platform. You can view the available exchange pairs and associated fees from our fees policy.

    Here are the steps to follow to make an exchange:

    1 Go to your Dashboard.
    2 Select the "Portfolio" tab.
    3 Click on the "exchange" button at the asset you wish to exchange.
    4 Indicate the amount you wish to exchange as well as the destination asset.
    5 Validate by clicking on "validate the exchange"

  • Do I own my cryptoassets? Icon arrow

    Yes, you are the owner of your cryptoassets and can recover them at any time if you wish.
    Beware, for some products, a release time is imposed by the validator. As a reminder, these deadlines do not depend on Meria and we cannot avoid them.

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One platform to manage all your investments

Meria guides you in your investments in cryptoactives