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Management mandates

A 100% controlled management

Let our experts manage your cryptocurrency portfolio according to the strategy that suits your profile.

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Advantages of the management mandate

Quarterly reports Icon loader A complete report detailing the status of your portfolio as well as a summary of the actions taken by Meria
Dedicated consultant Icon loader A dedicated advisor available to answer all your questions
Personal Dashboard Icon loader Free access to your account to consult the status of your portfolio in real time
Eligibility requirements
Minimum subscription amount : 30 000€ check
Our investment philosophy Download the documentation Icon arrow right

Our philosophy is based on understanding the fundamentals and new mechanisms offered by a market that is still in its construction phase. We work closely with our ecosystem teams on a daily basis to understand the workings of the market and to implement investment strategies based on a true awareness of the risks and opportunities that exist.


Share our expertise with you

Our strategies are the result of a combination of years of experience in this market, our desire to be active in the regulation of our sector and our proximity to the players who build it.

Any highly speculative practice including leveraged trading is excluded from our strategies.

Why Meria

Be guided

Our management mandate offer is structured around three diversification strategies ensuring an ideal compatibility with your investor profile

check A cautious strategy
check A balanced strategy
check A dynamic strategy
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Illustration Prudent Icon PrudentPrudent

For cautious investors who do not want to expose their capital to extreme volatility but want to have a line in cryptocurrencies in their portfolio

Illustration Balanced Icon BalancedBalanced

For investors who want to combine reasonable exposure to volatile cryptocurrencies with strong, proven technology underpinnings with a focus on medium/long-term performance

Illustration Dynamic Icon DynamicDynamic

For investors looking to benefit from the full potential of the cryptocurrency ecosystem by gaining exposure to hand-picked startups

Minimum subscription amount : 30 000€ check
Note: allocations are not fixed. You can ask your account manager to adjust your portfolio at any time. The acquisition of cryptocurrencies of any kind exposes you to a risk of volatility as well as the risk of total or partial loss of capital.
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Questions about your investment?

  • How is the risk profile selected for my management mandate determined? Icon arrow

    When the management mandate contract is signed, we determine with the client the risk profile that best corresponds to him among the 3 "standard" profiles proposed. This risk profile then determines the guideline for the management of the client's portfolio by Meria's teams.

  • Can I make transactions on my Meria account if I select the Management Mandate formula? Icon arrow

    In order not to interfere with the Management operations carried out by Meria, you cannot carry out any operations on your account during the duration of your Management Mandate.

    You can however contact your advisor in order to carry out the desired operations, in accordance with your Management Mandate contract.

    Access to the monitoring of your portfolio and to your dashboard remains possible during the entire duration of your Management Mandate.

  • How can I track the transactions made by Meria on my portfolio? Icon arrow

    You can follow your portfolio and its evolution at any time from the personal space of your Meria account.

    You can also consult the operations carried out by the Meria teams on your portfolio in the quarterly report that is sent to you.

  • What are the fees charged by Meria on management mandates? Icon arrow

    The fee policy for management mandates is divided into three parts:

    • Entry fee: 1.5%
    • Management fee (annual): 2 to 2.9%*
    • Performance bonus: 15%**

    *Management fee: calculated each quarter from the date of the mandate launch. Decreasing rate according to client assets (<100k€ - 2.9%; 100k€ to 500k€ - 2.5%; >500k€ - 2%)

    **Performance bonus: A 15% performance bonus is applied above 20% performance over an annualized period. The bonus is only applied to the portion above 20% performance.

    For more information on the fee policy, please contact our sales teams.


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