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Lending Solution

What is Lending?

Get a passive return on your cryptoassets with our Lending solutions combining the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized platform (CeFi) protocols.

A solution based on a risk-based approach

Meria's Lending solution is designed in such a way that we do not seek to maintain a fixed performance, rather we seek to maintain a consistent balance between exposure and risk. This approach, combined with a demanding analysis grid, allows us to select the counterparties used within our solutions.


How is
interest generated?

Returns are achieved through a combination of opportunities, including lending-borrowing and liquidity providing/yield farming activities on decentralized finance (DeFi) and the use of centralized platforms (CeFi).

Our lending solutions

How does Meria pay for itself?

The APR received by our clients on our Lending solutions is net of fees. Meria is thus remunerated thanks to the surplus generated in relation to the distributed return. Generally speaking, this remuneration does not exceed 2% gross, knowing that Meria takes charge of all the costs inherent to the execution of its users' orders. As an indication, we receive a net margin varying on average between 0.4% and 1.5%.

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A transparent solution

You can view the diversification of the cryptoassets comprising the lending solution directly from your Dashboard in real time.
This diversification is also accessible by anyone from the solution page.

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What are the risks associated with lending solutions?

The main risks to which this solution is exposed are the following (non-exhaustive list):
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Counterparty risk related to the failure of DeFi protocols and compounders (decentralized finance) and CeFi platforms (centralized finance).

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Risk of loss of parity (de-peg) of cryptoassets contained in the diversification of the service

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Risk related to the use of one of the blockchains

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Crypto asset liquidity risk

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Volatility risk of the cryptoassets contained in the diversification of the service

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Risk of total or partial loss of capital

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Economic and financial environment risk

For more information you can consult our FAQ as well as our CG/CS.
Background risk

Frequently asked questions about Lending

  • What is DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ? Icon arrow

    DeFi or Decentralized Finance refers to all financial applications and services using the Blockchain to carry out exchange, transmission or value creation operations, requiring no or few intermediaries.

  • What is CeFi (Centralized Finance) ? Icon arrow

    The BeCeFi called "Centralized Finance" designates all the financial applications and services realized with the help of trusted third parties (example: Meria, Binance, Nexo...)

  • How are the proposed DeFi protocols, compounders and CeFi platforms selected ? Icon arrow

    There are thousands of DeFi protocols, compounders and CeFi platforms available today. Naturally, not all of them have the same characteristics and do not present the same level of risk.

    At Meria, we select DeFi protocols, compounders and CeFi platforms by a risk-based approach. These are the same factors that also allow us to measure the level of exposure we offer on a DeFi protocol, compounder and CeFi platform.

    Here is the list of factors to which we pay particular attention:

    • The total liquidity deposited on the protocol, compounder, liquidity pool, CeFi platform (TVL)
    • The proposed returns
    • The sources of returns (mechanisms used)
    • The blockchain network on which the pool is based
    • The reputation of the protocol, compounder or CeFi platform
    • The available technical audits

  • How is the interest paid? Icon arrow

    Interest on masternodes is credited at regular intervals in cryptoassets directly to your Meria customer area. The conditions may vary depending on the project. All these features are displayed on the product page. Once your earnings are on your balance, you are free to withdraw them whenever you want. You also have the option to exchange your earnings for other cryptoassets or to reinvest your interest in new masternodes.


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