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Qu'est-ce qu'Horizen

Illustration Qu'est-ce qu'Horizen

History of HORIZEN

Horizen was born with the project of setting up a blockchain dedicated to protecting the privacy of its users. Among the functionalities to ensure confidentiality, we can mention Horizen's anonymous exchange system or ZENChat messaging for completely secure peer-to-peer exchanges.

Born in May 2017 under the name ZenCash, Horizen is originally a fork of ZClassic itself derived from ZCash (ZEC). In order to avoid confusion, the token changes its name in summer 2018, to become Horizen (ZEN).



How horizen works

Horizen's entire ecosystem is built around the ZEN token (whose total supply is capped at 21 million like Bitcoin) and its incredible network of masternodes. These masternodes are the backbone of the functionalities offered by Horizen.

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Two types of masternodes make up the Horizen network: securenodes and supernodes. Each type of node plays a different role on the network. The first have the sole mission of securing the network's money transactions, while the second additionally manage transactions related to smart contracts and other applications present on the Horizen network. Securenodes require collateral of 42 ZEN, while supernodes and their collateral of 500 ZEN are less affordable.

Thanks to its large number of masternodes, the network set up by Horizen is one of the most decentralized networks in the blockchain ecosystem. Indeed, the latter counts no less than 38,000 Securenodes and 4,000 Supernodes.

At Meria, we offer you the opportunity to acquire the ZEN masternode of your choice. Moreover, for smaller budgets, you can opt for a shared securenode. This option allows you to own a share of a full node at 42 ZEN.

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