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Qu'est-ce que AKASH ?

Illustration Qu'est-ce que AKASH ?


Akash Network was born in 2018. The goal of the project is to offer a DeCloud (decentralized Cloud) service for companies, but which is also available to individuals.

Akash was born from a simple statement: the needs for calculation is growing fast. These needs are followed by a bigger demand of centralized cloud services supplied mainly by giants like Amazon (AWS) or Google (Google Cloud). The problem with those is the lack of flexibility and high prices.



The aim of Akash is to disrupt the industry ruled by centralized giants and make place for more decentralized services. The actors of the ecosystem are rewarded through staking.

Through its recent partnership with Equinix Metal, Akash will grant more cloud computing power for its customer through over 220 datacenters’ worldwide unused data calculation power.


Akash is part of the Tendermint ecosystem where we can find some other project we operate such aas Cosmos, Band Protocol, Iris Network or Kava.

The Akash network will serve as a hub for all calculation power providers in one unique Supercloud on their platform.

Every person that has calculation power to offer, can join this supercloud by lending this power that will be put into a “container”. Once Akash’s client needs its services, they will obtain a marketplace composed of these containers that suit their needs. The cheapest container wins the deal and is paid in Akash for its services.

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