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Delegation interface Tutorial - xPortal - eGLD

Illustration Delegation interface Tutorial - xPortal - eGLD

How to delegate Osmosis on Meria's Validator from the delegation interface?

The following article will provide guidance on how to delegate tokens through the Meria delegation interface using xPortal wallet.

Here's a 3-step guide to delegating your eGLDs.

Step 1 : Hold eGLD on your xPortal Wallet.

You need to possess some eGLD in your wallet to be able to stake it.

Do you still not have a xPortal Wallet? Click here to download the web extension and create your wallet.

Step 2 : Connect your xPortal Wallet

On the right upside corner, click on "Connect my wallet" and accept the terms and conditions to continue.

To use the xPortal wallet on your smartphone, follow these steps:
1. Open the xPortal application on your mobile phone.


2. Scan the QR Code from the app to authorize the connection.


3. Confirm access to your wallet.


First, locate the MultiversX network either from the list or the search bar.


You can view :
• your available eGLD for staking
• staked eGLD
• eGLD rewards

Step 3 : Delegate your token to Meria's validators.

Delegating your token to an on-chain validator makes you eligible for rewards. Sending already staked eGLD is impossible.

Once you have selected the token, you can proceed to stake your available tokens by clicking on the "stake" button.

Please note that the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) provided is only an indication and may not be maintained or guaranteed by Meria.

Transaction fees are the charges paid directly to the network for recording the transaction on the blockchain.

Meria's fees, on the other hand, are the commissions received by Meria validators for providing you with staking services. These fees are collected from the interest generated by the staking services.

Validate and sign the transaction from your xPortal mobile wallet

Congratulations ! Your tokens are now working for you and generating interests.

How to unstake your assets

Please select the amount you wish to unstake. Before doing so, please keep in mind that:
• All waiting rewards will be automatically claimed.
•The amount being unstaked will be suspended for a period of 14 days before being added to your available balance on your Keplr's Wallet.

Once you have selected the amount to unstake, validate and sign the transaction.

Claim your rewards

Once your rewards are available, you can claim them by clicking on the "Claim" button. However, please note that claiming rewards generates fees.

When you claim rewards from a validator, you have two options :
• You can either choose to cash in, which means that the rewards amount will be added to your available balance
• Alternatively, you can restake the rewards amount by redelegating it to the same validator.

Lastly, make sure to validate and sign the transaction after choosing your preferred option.

For optimal security, we recommend using a hardware wallet such as Ledger.

About MultiversX :

MultiversX, previously known as Elrond, is a blockchain that uses Adaptive State Sharding to achieve scalability. It is secure and is Europe's first carbon-negative blockchain. The project was conceptualized in 2018 and is scheduled to launch its mainnet network in 2020. The project is led by Beniamin Mincu and has ambitious goals.

Meria x MultiversX

Meria has been working in close association with MultiversX (formerly Elrond) for several years. This partnership has led to the creation of a significant collaboration between the two organizations. Currently, Meria operates a significant part of the MultiversX network. This partnership enables Meria to offer both custodian and non-custodian solutions tailored to the skills of each investor.

Read our full review of MultiversX.
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