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What is KAVA ?

Illustration What is KAVA ?

History of KAVA

Launched in 2019, KAVA is a decentralized finance platform (DeFi) offering secure loans and a stable coin for users of certain crypto-assets supported by the project. The platform allows users to self-issue loans in USDX by staking KAVA.

KAVA's ambition is to become the n°1 application in the field of decentralized finance, attracting users of the main cryptocurrencies. At its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), KAVA was the first DeFi project supported by Binance on its Launchpad.

Caractéristiques de KAVA


How KAVA works

KAVA is built on the Cosmos-SDK platform, an open-source platform for the creation of public Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains.

Kava's core product is its platform that allows users to :

- Lend funds in exchange for interest
- Borrowing funds and taking out loans in stable coins and other cryptocurrencies in order to benefit from leverage.
- Staking their tokens to receive interest as well.

In addition, many crypto companies have already integrated Kava's DeFi platform as a solution for their users to lend, borrow or earn interest thanks to their cryptocurrencies. This is notably the case of Binance for its DeFi staking service.

In order to be able to offer all its functionalities, Kava has set up a worldwide network of validators dedicated to the security and governance of the platform. Moreover, Meria is part of the top 100 nodes of the network that validate the Kava blockchain.

The validators thus block Kava tokens in order to validate transactions on the network and receive interest in exchange. In this way, we offer you at Meria the possibility to access Kava staking from a small amount (a few KAVA).

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