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Partnership between Chiliz and Meria.

Illustration Partnership between Chiliz and Meria.

Meria becomes validator for ChilizChain

Meria is proud to announce its involvement as a validator in the public launch of Chiliz's blockchain, known for being the blockchain reference for the sports industry. This collaboration unites two historical players in the French-speaking landscape, sharing the same desire to democratize blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.
"Revolutionizing the sports industry with blockchain technology has become a reality! We are proud to team up with Chiliz, the leading provider of blockchain for sports, to launch the Chiliz Chain!" Owen Simonin (Hasheur), CEO of Meria.
On May 10, 2023, Chiliz officially launched the public mainnet of Chiliz Chain, paving the way for a new phase to strengthen the relationship between fans, communities, and sports teams through blockchain. The Chiliz Chain aims to become the home for major sports brands in web3. Teams and brands will be able to leverage the expertise of Chiliz, Socios and its network of over 150 major teams to develop next-generation experiences and services powered by the native token $CHZ.
Chiliz Chain will host a system of 11 active PoSA node validators in total. For its launch, only 3 validators have been selected: Jump Crypto, Paribu, and Meria.
This partnership is a concrete example of how companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector can collaborate to create added value and strengthen trust in the global ecosystem. It also opens the way for new innovation opportunities, allowing both companies to leverage their skills and experience to develop solutions and products that meet the needs of the constantly evolving market.


Founded in 2017, Meria is a company specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. With technical expertise in operating validators for blockchains, Meria is known for its contribution to the accessibility of cryptocurrencies in French-speaking territories through its investment platform meria.com.


Founded in 2018, Chiliz is a company that uses blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to revolutionize the sports industry. It is the origin of the Fans Tokens, the Socios engagement application and Gameused.com, a sports and entertainment memorabilia authentication service based on NFTs. Chiliz has over 300 employees and regional headquarters in Madrid, London, Istanbul, Miami, Malta, Milan, Sao Paulo, and Switzerland.
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