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Ledger Nano X User Guide

Illustration Ledger Nano X User Guide

About the Ledger Nano X

What is Ledger Nano X for ?

The Ledger Nano X is the latest digital wallet from Ledger whose role is to protect your cryptocurrencies. Keeping one's wallet secure is a problem for users of cryptocurrencies. If it is possible to leave your cryptocurrencies on the exchange platforms for example, it is always more judicious to keep your private key. To do so, nothing better than to hold a physical digital wallet, commonly known as a Hardware Wallet.

The Nano X Ledger is a consumer hardware wallet that shines by its simplicity of use without compromising the security aspect.


Ledger is a French company launched in 2014 by 8 experts with complementary backgrounds in embedded security, cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurship, united around the idea of creating secure solutions for blockchain applications. Ledger's objective is to secure the holding and transactions in cryptocurrencies for individual users.

After having proposed a first version of the Ledger Nano in 2016 (Nano S), the company starts marketing the Ledger Nano X in 2019. It offers greater storage for crypto applications and, for the first time, a Bluetooth connection.

User Guide

First connection

To begin, you will first need to download Ledger Live. Before you start, make sure you have :

• Your Ledger Nano X
• A smartphone or computer with an Internet connection
• The cable supplied with the Nano X or Bluetooth enabled
• Ledger Live application installed

Setting up your Ledger Nano X

PIN code selection :

Step 1 – Connect the LedgerNano X to your computer using the USB cable.
Step 2– Select “Set up as new device” by pressing both buttons simultaneously.
Step 3 – Choose a 4 to 8 digit PIN code. Use the right and left buttons to select the digits making up the code and validate by pressing both buttons simultaneously.
Step 4 – Validate your PIN code again

Please note : Memorize your PIN code well. You will be asked for it regularly during your transactions.

Record your recovery phrase :

Warning : The 24 words that your Ledger displays are the only way to recover your funds if your Nano X Ledger is lost, stolen or destroyed. This is a crucial step in the configuration of your Wallet.


Step 1 – Use the "Recovery Sheet" provided with the Nano X Ledger
Step 2 – Write the first word displayed on your Ledger on the "Recovery Sheet".
Step 3 – Confirm by pressing both buttons simultaneously. Copy the 2nd word and repeat the operation until the 24th word.

Validate the recovery phrase :

Step 1 – Use the right and left buttons until you find the first word written on your "Recovery Sheet".
Step 2 – Confirm by pressing both buttons simultaneously and repeat the operation up to the 24th word..
Step 3 – Click "Continue" at the bottom right of the Ledger Live installation window.
Step 4 – Click "Check Now" to verify that your device is authentic.

Now that you have the seed of your salvage portfolio, you need to secure it in a safe place, where no one can see it.

If a third party sees your salvage wallet, there is nothing to stop them from accessing and stealing your funds. Therefore, store the seed from your salvage wallet in a safe place, where it will also be protected from elements such as rain or moisture.

Finalize the installation of your Ledger Nano X :

To finalize the configuration of your Hardware Wallet, enter a password to secure your Ledger Live account. Congratulations, you are now ready to start using your Ledger Nano X !

Please note : The initialization of the Ledger Nano X via a smartphone is almost similar.

Using the Nano X Ledger

Installing applications :

Step 1 – Launch Ledger Live and enter your password.
Step 2 – Open « Manager » on Ledger Live.
Step 3 – Connect your device to your computer or smartphone and unlock it using the PIN code.
Step 4 – Install the application of your choice in the list proposed by clicking on "Install". You will be asked for your PIN code again. Wait for the end of the installation.
Step 5 – Navigate to the application installed on your Ledger Nano X and open it by pressing both buttons simultaneously. Wait a moment while synchronizing.
Step 6 – Click on "Add Account" to add an account to Ledger Live and rename it.

The installed application is now synchronized, you can now receive cryptocurrencies corresponding to the application you just installed on your Ledger Nano X.
To install other applications, repeat the process from the first step.

Receiving cryptocurrencies :

Step 1 – Select « Receive » on Ledger Live.
Step 2 – Select the application of the cryptocurrency you wish to receive.
Step 3 – Connect your Ledger and unlock it.
Step 4 – Copy the address displayed by Ledger Live.
Step 5 - Check that the address displayed on your Ledger and on Ledger Live is similar. If this is the case, validate by pressing both buttons simultaneously.
Step 6 – Send the funds to the copied address.

Once the funds have arrived at your Ledger's address, you will be able to retrieve all your cryptocurrencies stored on Ledger Live.

Sending cryptocurrencies :

Step 1 - Select « Send » on Ledger Live.
Step 2 - Select the application of the cryptocurrency you wish to send.
Step 3 – Enter the address to which to send the funds.
Step 4 – Select the amount of the transaction.
Step 5 – Verify and validate the transaction on your device.

Updating the Ledger Nano X

Step 1 – Open the "Control Center" by pressing and holding both buttons on the Ledger Nano X for 3 seconds.
Step 2 – Go to settings, then general, then firmware version.
Step 3 – If an update is available, run it..

You now have all the keys to start using your Nano X Ledger.

If you do not have a Nano Ledger yet, you can find it in the via this link tab on Meria.

New: The Ledger Stax is available for pre-order!

View and sign your transactions with the curved E Ink touchscreen that fits in the palm of your hand. The Ledger Stax was designed to allow you to safely use and store your cryptos and NFTs on a daily basis.

Give your Ledger Stax a unique name and personalize it with your favorite NFT or photo, thanks to the lock screen that stays on even when the device is turned off.

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